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Hello, this is Labeeb Mesbahuddin, and I am the creator of Tech Nations. I will pretty much cover all the latest gadgets out there these days such as the new iPods, Computers, Cell Phones and much more. Here is how I will do this all, I will check all the populer tech blogs such as Engadget, Tuaw, Gizmodo, ZDnet, then I will put all my sources together and create my own article, which will be posted on Tech Nations. I also want to hear about other people's opinions about the wiki so I can improve my writing technique and add different types of content and more. I am trying to make this a reliable, safe and fun site for other users to go on. Hopefully Tech Nations will be good enough for people to use as a homepage. Please note that I will not always have the chance to update my wiki, because of school and homework. Thank you for visiting and I hope you have a good time at Tech Natons.


This is the new iPod nano it was recently interduced by Apple Inc. on September 9, 2008 and is a very thin product. This is basiclly the type of stuff I will cover on the wiki.

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