The iPhone is a smartphone designed and created by Apple Inc. The phone consists of mainly three parts according to Apple, A revolutionary mobile phone, an excellent pocket internet device, and the best iPod they have ever made. The phone uses a closed source operating system based on the same Darwin/ BSD core as Mac OS X, Apple stated on the iPhone page that the device "runs OS X". The iPhone can be unlocked to other GSM carriers such as T-Mobile using a variety of tools such as Pwnage Tool, ZiPhone, WinPwn.

A picture of the First Gen iPhone

iPhone 3G

The iPhone 3G is the second generation or the "new" iPhone made by Apple. It has a few new enhancements from the first gen or "old" iPhone. To start things off it has a shiny plastic black or white back ( White only available for sixteen gigabyte model.), Assisted GPS and iPhone 2.0 Software built in and of course 3G. There are some bad things about the 3G such as plans because on the first gen iPhone at the end of the year you would pay a minimum of 2,519 for the 8 gigabyte iPhone. This is because it costs $600 on an AT&T 2 year contract. Now with the iphone plan which includes data (EDGE) costs $79.99 now this is what you pay every month for 24 months. So at the end of the year you spend $959 on a plan for the iPhone now if we multiply that by 2 you get $1,919, so that plus $ 600 makes $2,519. I also need to mention that all of the info about the iPhone plan pricing was from Engadget. There are also other plans that can be used with the iPhone. Now I am pretty sure barely anyone needs to know that much info so this time, lets say the iPhone 3G costs "some what higher".

The iPhone 3G has a different back than the original iPhone, it's back looks like this 3giphoneofficialpic10.jpg

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